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Project Storage

ITP now requires that you request storage space on the floor for your in-progress project if it has grown too large to contain in/on your locker or blue bin. Remember: works in progress CANNOT be left out on the Shop tables. The Shop tables MUST be cleared off each night.

To accommodate this new storage policy, we have set aside two shelves and some open floor space (2' x 2' blocks) in the Japanese Room. In addition, we have the shelves under the tables in the Shop Studio.

You will need to submit a request for space here that includes the all of the required information below.

Once approved, you will emailed by a Shop Staff member and issued a label for tagging your work. You can also fill out this form with the Shop Staff at their work station to make things faster.

Unlabeled projects or materials in these areas will be removed and risk being recycled or discarded.

Here's the link to the Storage Request Form: