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Soft Lab

Soft Lab Office Hours
If you have a soft fabrication question or would like to get trained on a sewing machine, we're here to help!

Click name to sign up for appointments:

Sun (every other): Zoe Bachman 3pm - 7pm // email:
Mon: Annie Goodfriend 9am - 1pm // email:
Tues: TBD
Wed: Renata 2pm - 6pm // email:
Thurs: Izzy 1:30pm - 5:30pm // email:
Fri: KC 9am - 1pm // email:

Jingwen (resident)
Office hours on the resident site:

~!~!SOFT CLUB!~!~

Soft Club meets Fridays at 2pm for help sessions and workshops.

Soft Club Resources:
  • Fill out this form to suggest a workshop topic or to lead a workshop, 
  • Our blog has tutorials and information on conductive materials and soft circuitry components.
  • Check out our instagram for the latest student projects and sources of inspiration
  • Join our google group to get involved in the club or have a wearables question that needs answers
  • Questions? Suggestions? Email:


Soft Sessions meets every other Sunday from 7pm - 10pm. 
Bring a project that you're working on and come hang out!