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Micro Studio

The ITP Micro Studio is the curtained-off area located in the east side of the J-Area. 

It is available to all students to reserve for hour long blocks. To reserve time on the stage, please follow the link below and signup for 60 minute slots. You can also view your reservation in the schedule-view below.  NEW Starting Monday 19th November 2018 six hour Reservation Limit.  More info below.
The Micro Studio can be booked for the following activities:
  • Project documentation
  • Testing motion capture / movement related projects
  • Staging live performances or more elaborate demos
  • Experimenting w/ lighting and projection installations
  • Working on 360 sound, 360 camera or ambisonic sound projects
Note: You cannot store projects or equipment in the Micro Studio. Anything left in the studio will be removed or thrown away.

When using the Micro-Studio, please keep the following in mind:

  • You are reserving time on the stage area only
  • You are not booking the entire J-Area
  • NEW Please do not book more than 6 hours a day, you are limited to a total of 18 hours a week (Monday-Sunday). This is a shared community space. Be respectful.
  • You are responsible for any lighting, grips and video equipment you need that isn't already part of the setup.
  • It may be determined that certain classes need preferential access to the space as the semester goes on. This will be reflected in times that are available for reservation.
  • There may be expensive and sensitive equipment installed by the staff or faculty. If something is not yours or you don't know what it is, please do not remove it or move it. Talk to the Micro Studio staff if you have any questions about needing to move something. 
  • This is not a shop space. Do not bring power tools or anything messy into the space.
  • Please manage your time so you are finished and your equipment is removed before your appointment is finished. Don't make people wait for their appointed times.
  • Periodically the Micro Studio will not be available when there are events at ITP that make use of the whole floor. 
  • The J-Area is not available on Tuesdays from 3-Midnight in the Spring Semester due to thesis.

VR Station Software

  • Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effect
  • Unreal, Unity hub, Oculus hub
  • Steam

VR Station App list

Oculus Application
Anne Frank House VR
BBC Home - A VR Spacewalk
Bigscreen Beta
Coco VR
COLOSSE: A Story in Virtual Reality
Dead and Buried
Dear Angelica
Disney Movies VR
Dream of Dali
Echo VR
Epic Roller Coasters
Face Your Fears
Facebook Spaces Beta
Fall In Love
Fantasynth: Chez Nous
Google Earth VR
International Space Station Tour VR
Job Simulator
Jurassic World: Blue
Lucky's Tale
Oculus Dreamdeck
Oculus First Contact
Oculus Medium
Old Friend
Rec Room
Robo Recall
Scanner Sombre
Show It 2 Me
Silicon Valley: Inside the Hacker Hostel
Soundscape VR
Space Dream VR Demo
The Body VR
The FOO Show - Featuring Will Smith
The Rose And I
Tilt Brush
Vr Home

Micro Studio Staff:

Faculty: Shawn Van Every
Residents: Wenqi Li