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Equipment Room

The ITP Equipment Room (commonly called the ER) maintains a huge and ever-changing inventory of devices.

All new students are required to attend an ER Check In/Out Session.  Sign up here.

When borrowing equipment from ITP you assume all responsibility for the equipment and are responsible for any damage due to neglect; or in the event of theft or loss of unattended equipment.

A list of equipment available to students for checkout via the Equipment Room is available on the ITP ER site

The ER does not supply any of the following items to students:
  • SD Cards SDHC - you must supply your own for use with the still cams, Xactis, Zoom recorders, Panasonic HD Camcorders etc.
  • AA Batteries - you must supply your own for Zoom recorders, microphones, etc.
  • USB A-B Cables - you must provide your own USB A/B cables (except for gallery projects)
  • Portable Hard Drives - you are strongly encouraged to buy your own portable drive for your backup purposes, transferring files on the floor or for showing work on the fly
On floor checkouts involve borrowing equipment for use solely on the 4th floor of 721 Broadway - ITP. The borrowed equipment must be returned by the close of the day it was borrowed on. Any problems with the equipment must be brought to the attention of the Equipment Room Staff as soon as it has been identified.

You may borrow certain production equipment (digital still cameras, digital camcorders, lenses, audio recorders, microphones, tripods, etc) from ITP for use Off Floor. The equipment is checked out for a period of 24 hours from the time of the checkout. All equipment checked out must be returned within 24 hours or your privileges to borrow equipment of use the Lab resources at ITP will be suspended until speaking with the Technical Operations Manager.

If you wish to reserve special checkout equipment for approved classes or independent study or to request an extended checkout, submit a request to the helpdesk at at least one week prior to the date the equipment is needed for.