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Research Residents

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AR, Unity, UX/UI Design, Visual Design, User Testing, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Storytelling, Presentations and Pitches

full-stack web development, physical computing, tech & society, blockchain & decentralization, lighting design, installation/experiential/festival art

Physical computing, motors, digital fabrication, prototyping, mechanism, photoshop, illustrator, UX design, Anti-UX design, Front-end development and Machine Learning. And most importantly- the quirky and useless things

physical computing, wearables, Raspberry pi, networked camera, Unreal Engine, MAX/MSP, NIME, Projection mapping, video editing, Premiere, After Effect, concept development, research, mental health, ping pong

research, project ideation, Python, writing, Raspberry Pis, JavaScript, node.js, R, video/audio production and editing

expertise: programming (javascript/html/css), prototyping (inVision/sketch), UX/UI, project management, storytelling
things I'm interested in: theater, projection mapping, social justice

Fabrication (with hand tools and software tools, 3D CAD Design and CAM software), Coding (Javascript, p5.js, Unity C#, Arduino), Imaging (photography, using NYU’s micro CT scanner, photogrammetry, etc.)

Machine Learning, AI Literacy, Data Collection / Creation, Game Design, Prototyping / User Testing, Project Development, and Photography

Accessibility, Inclusive Design, Human-Centered Design, Participatory Design, Design Research, Tactile Graphics, Non-Visual Design, Grade 1 Braille, UX, Art Direction, Creative Direction, Adobe Creative Suite, Storytelling/Presentations (Google Slides, Keynote)

physical computing, ICM, sound design/algorithmic music, digital fabrication, circuit design/fabrication, lighting, audiovisual programming, NIME

Software Development, Physical Computing, Data Science, Machine Learning, Processing, P5, Python, PyTorch, Java, JavaScript, After Effects

graphic design, video editing, project development (ideation, management, documentation), p5, photoshop, illustrator, indesign, after effects


(sorted by Last Name)

Where no link to Office Hours is available, see Email Addresses. 

Gabe Barcia-Colombo
Commlab, Pop up Windows, Video Sculpture, Thesis

Food, Senses, Climate Change, Science, Immersive Environments, Biology, Site-Specific, Social Engagement, Video

Poetic Computation, Contemporary art, pedagogy, social practice, English as Second Language, Race, Disability 

Katherine Dillon
Visual Language, UX Design, Thesis

Jeff Feddersen

Fandom, Digital Celebrity, Interaction design, Entrepreneurship and Business Development

game design, creative code, and unity development

Applications/Performed Identities,Cabinet of Wonders/Thesis/General

Concepts, Design Strategy, Game Design, Performance, Content Design/Writing, Discomfort

Physical interfaces, networks, sustainability, lighting

Visual Design, UX, Creative Direction, Design Sprints

Product design, human centered design, user experience, product strategy, product development, product realization, haptics, (rapid) prototyping, engineering, design engineering, manufacturing

Experiential Storytelling

Dan O'Sullivan
Physical computing, programming

Allison Parrish
General ICM/p5.js help, Processing, Python, natural language processing, web development, data analysis, databases, game design

Concept dev, programming, music, interactive design

Marianne Petit
Storytelling, Papercraft, Animation, Assistive Technology

Physical Computing, Creative Computing

Live Performance, Sound + Video, 3D Scanning, Avatars, MaxMSPJitter, Unreal Engine, Projection

Sarah Rothberg
Virtual Reality, Unity3d, UX, Animation, Video, Sound, Concept Development, Installation / Experience Design, Digital Humanities

Interactive digital art, Project Development Studio, The World-Pixel by Pixel, Designing for Digital Fabrication

Javascript, Full-stack Web Development, ml5.js

ICM Instructor

physical computing, ITPower, weather station, art installations, intangible, perception

Bodies in Motion

ICM/p5.js, programming (full-stack web development, hosting, networking, web scraping, c/c++, etc.), physical computing, Max/MSP and music technology, music theory and composition, contributing to open source

Gregory Trefry
Game Design, Experience Design, Kids Media, Educational Games

Ideas, concepts, theory, networks, servers, mobile, web programming, Node.js, JavaScript, Java, p5.js, p5.js serial, Android, Bluetooth, PhoneGap, streaming, WebRTC, and WebSockets

Mimi Yin
ICM, Big Screens, Web front-end