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Office Hours

To request 🗓 office hours, you can use the:

👉 office hours booking page here 👈

...or browse through the links of faculty/staff/residents below.

Research Residents

Javascript, HTML, CSS, ICM, p5.js, Photoshop, Illustrator, Comm Lab, Final Cut Pro, Ableton, intro Unity, intro MAXMSP, digital fabrication (laser cutter, 3D printer, CNC Milling), Design, development, critique

Javascript, HTML, CSS, ICM, p5.js, WebSockets, Github, Websites, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Comm Lab, Networks.

Javascript, Python, Web Development, Git, ML, Data vis, Maps, ml5.js

Dominic Barrett
Javascript, ICM, p5.js, HTML/CSS, Comm Lab (sound), graphic design, sound, Max MSP, music software/DAWs, intro Unity, VR, Arduino, basic Pcomp, Processing

Physical computing, Fabrication, Prototyping, Processing, p5.js, UX/UI, Photoshop, Illustrator, Javascript, LED, Kinetic sculpture, Interactive installation, Tangible Interfaces, Museum installation

Jasmine Soltani
JavaScript/P5/Node.js, Python, Arduino, HTML/CSS, data collection & analysis, surveillance, networks, social & environmental justice, plants, animals, literal garbage

Jenny Lim
game design, user testing, public speaking, paper prototyping, video production, ER equipment, adobe premiere pro, adobe after effects, critical feedback, concept development

Koji Kanao
Python, Javascript, Processing, openFrameworks, Physical Computing, Basic Swift

Programming, physical computing, fabrication, rapid prototyping, accessibility, basic image / video editing

Data collection/creation, project critique, digital mapping, or even if they're just looking to chat

physical computing, fabrication, rapid prototyping, programming, circuit design, basic -  design/audio/video/image editing/AR, ITPower, social cognizance

uncivilization, climate breakdown, creative programming (arduino, p5.js, processing, c, java, command line (?)), physical computing, free (libre) software, gnu/linux, bodies on stage, feedback, doubts... :)

Creative Coding, Web Development
New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME), Pcom
Projection Mapping (TouchDesigner, Madmapper, Isadora, Syphon), Processing, VDMX, Max/MSP

physical computing, lights, AC, motors, digital fabrication, mechanism, energy, oF, pi, energy, long term installations, ideation, hesitation, user research, collaboration, presentation, bigscreens, art chat

Regina Cantu
physical computing (Pcomp, physcomp), fabrication, tangible interactions, intro Unity, Popup Windows, research, sustainability, system´s thinking, Vuforia AR, digital fabrication, photoshop, illustrator, premier.


(sorted by Last Name)

Where no link to Office Hours is available, see Email Addresses. 

Gabe Barcia-Colombo
Commlab, Pop up Windows, Video Sculpture, Thesis

Food, Senses, Climate Change, Science, Immersive Environments, Biology, Site-Specific, Social Engagement, Video

Design Research, Collaborative Problem-Solving, Creativity & Play, Design for Children

Virtual Reality, Motion Capture, Projection Mapping, Experiential Installation, Project Management, Conceptual Development

Hannah Davis
Generative music, machine learning, python, natural language processing, sentiment analysis, twitter bots

Katherine Dillon
Visual Language, UX Design, Thesis

Luke DuBois
Interactive sound, video performance, installation, music production, visual language

Jeff Feddersen

voice interaction, conversation design, google APIs, javascript, node, python

Applications/Performed Identities,Cabinet of Wonders/Thesis/General

Concepts, Design Strategy, Game Design, Performance, Content Design/Writing, Discomfort

Phys comp, net objects, sustainability

Digital Self-Defense- Security for Everyone

Claire Kearney-Volpe
Human-centered design, user testing, assistive/rehab technology, accessible development

Comm Lab Visual Language

Andrew Lazarow
Concepts, writing, projection mapping, live-performance, optical illusion, processing, OpenFrameworks

Dan O'Sullivan
Physical computing, programming

Allison Parrish
General ICM/p5.js help, Processing, Python, natural language processing, web development, data analysis, databases, game design

Concept dev, programming, music, interactive design

Marianne Petit
Storytelling, Papercraft, Animation, Assistive Technology

Phys comp, GSM Infrastructure (Towers of Power), Non-profit and business development

Physical Computing, Creative Computing

Live Performance, Sound + Video, 3D Scanning, Avatars, MaxMSPJitter, Unreal Engine, Projection

Sarah Rothberg
Virtual Reality, Unity3d, UX, Animation, Video, Sound, Concept Development, Installation / Experience Design, Digital Humanities

Interactive digital art, Project Development Studio, The World-Pixel by Pixel, Designing for Digital Fabrication

Javascript, Full-stack Web Development, ml5.js

ICM Instructor

Sam Slover
Javascript, Data Visualization, Node.js, MongoDB, Express.js, Graphic Design, p5.js

Bodies in Motion

ICM Instructor

Gregory Trefry
Game Design, Experience Design, Kids Media, Educational Games

Ideas, concepts, theory, networks, servers, mobile, web programming, Node.js, JavaScript, Java, p5.js, p5.js serial, Android, Bluetooth, PhoneGap, streaming, WebRTC, and WebSockets

Mimi Yin
ICM, Big Screens, Web front-end