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Staging 101

UPDATED 03/26/19 - by rob

"Staging" is the temporary assignment of dedicated work space, assigned in 2 week increments on the floor to: install a project, work on an intensive build, conduct user testing, or demonstrate a project. IT IS NOT a table assignment for an extended part of the semester nor a quiet work and study space. Staging has conditions that apply -- please read on for the submission process and conditions that apply...

While SUPER IMPORTANT to your project, "Conceptualization" and research are not part of the Staging phase that can reasonably be supported -- please be ready to build, document and move on! Recreating the library experience is contrary to the spirit of Staging and won't be tolerated. 

Staging Space is limited to the tables and highlighted spaces below -- this is why we can only support temporary assignments for building, assembling and user testing.  Thesis students are not guaranteed space - you must apply and meet the same criteria as is spelled out in this help page.

Spring 2019 Staging Map


Locations: Staging will take place in the areas indicated above - basically in the Hallways, Lounges and Japanese Room Area. No projects will be assigned to the large white lounge tables. The majority of main lounges will remain open and collaborative spaces with support for approved events. 

Scale: A note about scale. The floor can only handle so many projects in development at one time. This is why there are time constraints. There are also scale constraints. For instance, constructing rooms, closets or large tables may not be supported unless careful consideration is taken - i.e. the build is collapsable, movable, etc. In most cases, these types of projects should be built off floor.
Project Storage: If you are requesting staging space for project storage only, you should be using the Storage Request Form to request a spot in the Japanese Area for your project. We will do our best to find an orderly way to store larger projects while you work on them intermittently in the Shop or Lounge.
User Testing and Show and Tell: If assigned a staging space, you MIGHT be asked to be available for user testing by outside visitors or prospective students attending open houses or group interviews. If you are assigned a space, early appointments can focus on you talking with visitors about the project's current state, explaining its concept, your design principles, the intended user scenario and demonstrating measured progress.  If you plan to eventually submit the project to the Show, or user feedback is critical to your Thesis, this might be really valuable to you.
The Spring 2019 Show: Submission and acceptance to Staging DOES NOT automatically carry over to the Show. You must still associate your project with the Show venue once open and follow all announced and published deadlines.


*Space is assigned in 2 week increments 

    • You may reapply as often as you feel you need to, but as the end of the nears and demand rises, you could be denied additional appointments based on fairness to classmates who have not received space but need some
    • Assigned spaces must be kept neat, organized and safe -- label your table and your things
    • Black curtains may ONLY be used for image capture or projection - NOT for privacy. When not in use, curtains MUST be tied back. If you are using a Kinect or LEAP, you shouldn't need a curtain
    • Shop Tools, including soldering stations may not be kept in your area - it is recommended that if you are assigned a staging space that you invest in providing your own soldering station and necessary tools
    • Unfortunately, tables are NOT guaranteed - if you are building or installing, try to use a kiosk stand to work from rather than a table


    • Staging space is assigned following the submission of your project to the Project's DB LOGIN HERE
      1. Use the venue Staging Spring 2019 when submitting
      2. Indicate the dimensions if you are looking at an installation
      3. In the email, let Rob know you are ready to build! 
    • Your ability to work in a smaller footprint or in a GROUPED (Multiple Projects) spot increases the likelihood that you will be assigned space - just let Rob know who you are working with
                            • APlease include dimensions if an installation, special equipment needs and complete all fields when entering a project.  For the video url field, put a funny place holder if it's too early for that. 

sSTAGING LOCATIONS - being updated 3/26/19

The Most Recent Map will be shared with students assigned space via Google Docs