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Floor Policy

posted Jul 11, 2013, 9:37 AM by Rob Ryan   [ updated Aug 25, 2015, 12:43 PM ]
Daily Operations at ITP are unique -- encompassing everything from classroom support to fabrication assistance and troubleshooting, to running a robust equipment library, to helping maintain a rich web experience, to helping stage and produce gallery shows, to enforcing safety guidelines and policies, to helping make ITP one of the most responsive and organic physical spaces for a vibrant community of over 200 artists and makers.

It takes a unique team to meet the diversity of needs that ITP has. ITP has a small but dedicated team of full-time administrators and staff and a significant staff of part-time ITP Student Floor Staff. Full-time technical staff members are:
  • Rob Ryan - Technical Operations Manager (15 years)
  • Marlon Evans - Equipment Room Supervisor (14 years) 
  • John Duane - Shop Supervisor (11 years)
  • TBA - Web Administrator
See the Administration and Staff Directory for contact info.

ITP tries to maintain a balance of development space and quiet space on the floor at all times. While we want to encourage your eager development of new projects and pieces we do ask that you follow these simple guidelines:
  • You may store a toolbox on top of the lockers 
  • You may not store personal belongings, project materials, food, beverages, etc. on the tops of lockers. Any items found on locker tops will be discarded. Locker tops are cleared every Monday morning during MMM [Monday Morning Maintenance] and as needed throughout the week. 
  • Please store only approved materials in designated areas: i.e., the shelves in Physical Computing or the shelves in Area 404. All materials should be labeled with your name and contact information using the pink gaffers tape from the Physical Computing Shop. Please follow the Project Storage policy. 
  • If you need space on the floor to development, user testing or to demo to a class or audience, please contact Rob Ryan via the ITP Helpdesk (itp.helpdesk@nyu.edu) for setup. Please provide a time frame, dimensions, and tech needs when emailing. Kindly follow the Staging Space policy.
  • The use of harsh chemicals, varnish and paint are not permitted on the floor -- water based products only 
  • Only certain approved materials are permitted to be used on the floor - i.e, gaffers tape (NEVER DUCT TAPE), nails, screws, anchors, etc. Before doing anything on the floor please run it by the staff. 
In order to be given access to ITP's extensive equipment inventory, you must familiarize yourself with the Equipment Room policy.

Technical problems are reported to the ITP helpdesk by sending a DETAILED email to: itp.helpdesk@nyu.edu. Please include the computer number, lab, software or relevant peripheral information when emailing the helpdesk as this aids in the troubleshooting process. Problems are addressed by the Tech Staff during the hours of 10am-7pm Monday thru Friday.

All questions, comments or problems should be sent to the help desk at itp.helpdesk@nyu.edu .