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Updated by Rob for FALL 2018 12/12/18

General items:
  • Blue bins need to be cleared by Friday 1/6 if you won't be around for the Break they should be emptied by Friday 12/21 
  • Anything not in the Show must be taken home by 3pm Friday, December 14

Wednesday december 12

CLEANUP DAY Part 1 - lite

Staging - Winding Down Part 1:
  • Staging officially ends and cleanup begins....
  • Return equipment and tools to the Shop and ER
  • All areas need to be cleaned and packed up for the Breakdown on Friday, whether you are in the Show OR need to remove OR dispose of things

Thursday December 13

Cleaning Day Part 2 - slightly more ruthless

  • BIG cleanup!
  • Unlabeled Materials will be tagged as up for grabs or disposed/recycled if 
  • No project storage permitted in Shop

Locker Tops:
  • Ruthless cleanup!
  • Only toolboxes and items labeled "Show / Name / Emailwill be spared
  • Toolboxes will be collected before the Show and put into storage but you should take them home if you can

Staging - Winding Down Part 2:
  • Staging officially ends and cleanup begins....
  • All areas need to be cleaned up and packed up for moving on Friday, whether you you are in the Show OR need to remove OR dispose of things
  • Bulk disposal dumpsters will be in the Shop for trash
  • Bins will be available for recycling materials
Left over Final Projects and non-recyclable materials not in the Show must be taken home - we have no room to store them! We don't want to throw away your things!


ER - ALL CHECKOUTS DUE BACK BY 11PM for Show Inventory
  • There will be no off floor checkouts after 6PM until the beginning of the Spring Semester
  • If you need equipment for the Show you should make sure you have filled out the Space and Equipment sections of the project's profile section in the Projects DB
  • Show equipment will be dispensed on Saturday December 15 from 11AM - 4PM

Friday december 14

Ruthless cleaning day - part 3 and FLOOR BREAKDOWN FOR SHOW

Only Show stuff permitted on the Floor
  • If your Midterm, Applications Class Project, Staging Project or Final is NOT in the Show it MUST be removed from the floor by 11AM SHARP!

Staging / Final Projects in Show - Move and Cleanup:
  • If your Staging Project or Final is in the Show you must be on hand to move it to your Show location at the 6PM Floor Breakdown!
  • Begins at 6PM Sharp!
  • The floor will be closed from 6PM until 9PM to everyone but those who who assist with the breakdown
    • Staff, volunteers and Stagers should meet in the Lounge at 6PM for assignments
  • Equipment is not checked out for the Show until the Checkin on Saturday 11am-4pm

saturday december 19


Equipment and Space Checkin for Point Persons with the Show Producers - 11AM - 4PM only!

See Show FAQ for Show related