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Classroom Apple TVs

Follow These Instruction to AirPlay Your Display to an In-Classroom AppleTV*

*AirPlay works with 10.9+ OS on mid-2011 Macs only

Currently Installed In:
  • Conference Room
  • Room 20
  • Room 50

Join ITP's Sandbox Wireless Network
  1. Browse for the wireless network itpsandbox and connect to it
  2. Enter the password for the itpsandbox network (which you must get from the ITP Tech Staff)
  3. Open a web browser on your computer and go to this site: http://computer.registration.nyu.edu
  4. Follow the instructions on that page to register your computer to use the network
  5. Shortly after you have completed the registration, your computer should be able to connect to the Internet (you may need to reboot)

Connect to AppleTV via AirPlay*
*AirPlay works with 10.9+ OS on mid-2011 Macs only
  1. Change the input of the projector to Video (HDMI)
  2. Using the Apple Remote, wake the AppleTV up by pressing the Menu button
  3. Once the AppleTV wakes up, you should see the AirPlay symbol show up in your Taskbar
  4. Select the Classroom AirPlay Display to connect to
  5. Once Connected, you can choose whether to mirror your display or extend your desktop
  6. When you are done sharing your display, choose the Disconnect AirPlay Display from the drop down so the next person can connect