Spring 2018 Courses in Outside Departments

Appointment Time for Self-Enrollment in Albert:
  • All continuing students will be eligible to self-enroll in classes in outside departments via the Student Center in Albert for the Spring 2018 term starting on Tuesday, November 14th at 3:00 PM.
Implications for the ITP Lottery:
  • Make sure if you self-enroll in classes in outside departments, to reduce the number of credits you request in the ITP lottery by the appropriate amount.
  • The most credits any one student may have on their schedule at a given time is 18.0 units.
  • Therefore, if you self-enroll in two 3.0 unit courses in outside departments, (6.0 units total) and you request 16.0 units in the ITP lottery, only a maximum of 12.0 units of your lottery wishes will post to your account.
Limitations on the Number of Non-ITP Courses Students May Take:
  • 8.0 units of non-ITP courses taken over the two years is a recommended guideline, but students are encouraged to take more than this number, provided the courses are adviser-approved as related to the student's course of study at ITP.
Using the Course Search Tool in Albert to Find Courses in Outside Departments:

1.) Go to the NYU Course Search page: http://albert.nyu.edu/course-search

2.) Update the fields in the navigation bar to tailor your search (see below circled in red)

Inline image 1 

3.) You will want to make sure you have the following items selected on your navigation bar to help you search for classes (see example below):
  • Under "Terms Offered" select "Spring 2018"
  • Under "Academic Career" select "Graduate"
  • Under "Open/Closed/Wait List Classes" select "Open"
Inline image 4

4.) Remember, you may only apply graduate-leveladviser-approved non-ITP courses toward the degree.

5.) You can also narrow down your search by a number of other fields in the navigation bar (by school, by unit, by day of the week, or by time of day), or by searching the course descriptions for keywords (for example if you are looking for courses that mention graphic design in the course description or course title) - see below for an example:

Inline image 5

6.) If you need help finding non-ITP classes using the NYU Course Search tool, or are confused about obtaining enrollment permissions for a particular course, please come see Dante at his desk for assistance.

7.) A good standard of practice when enrolling in courses in other departments at NYU is to Google search the department or unit and contact their administrative office to make sure that you are allowed to enroll in their courses! You do not want to find out on the first day of classes that you are not allowed to take the class. If you need help finding the contact information for a particular course or department, please come see me for assistance.