Advisement for Spring 2017 will be held during the weeks of November 7th and 14th. It is your responsibility to sign-up for an advisement meeting and to mark your course preferences prior to meeting with your adviser.

You can see our course offerings for Spring 2017 by checking the forum (link below).

Forum for ITP Class Listings:

The link to mark your preferences is in the left hand column on the Forum site labelled "Your Preferences" (see below):

This will bring you to your Registration Lottery Wishes page. Please remember to hit "Submit Choices" to save your preferences (see below). You may revise your course preferences at any point - it does not matter when you do this.

Thesis, internship, or courses from outside departments should not be included in your list of preferences or in the "total credits requested" box.

We have not yet decided on a time and date for the lottery, but we will inform you well in advance so you will have plenty of time to finalize your course preferences. For now it remains TBD.

To find out who you are scheduled to meet with for academic advisement, click here:

To book an advisement appointment with your adviser, click here:

If you have any questions or concerns about advisement or Spring 2017 courses, please feel free to reach out to Dante ( and he will be happy to help.