Big Screens Lottery Fall 2016

In order to be considered for the Big Screens lottery, both students in a given pair must submit a form listing the other student as their partner using this link:

(log-in with netID and password)

Big Screens will be offered to up to 8 pairs of students, 16 in all.  There will be no waiting list for this course so any drops will just decrease the size of the course. 

How it works it each student enters in his or her preference priority for Big Screens from 1 to 4, which will determine both their priority in the Big Screens lottery and the slot in the main course lottery that will be forfeited should they be selected for Big Screens.  If your partner chooses a different priority, then the average will be used for the team in the Big Screens lottery, but each partner still loses the slot indicated in the main course lottery if the pair is selected for Big Screens.  

For example, Cersei and Jamie are applying as a team for Big Screens.  On his application, Jamie indicates Big Screens has a priority of 1 while Cersei indicates a 4, which gives the pair an average priority of 2.5.  The seven pairs whose average is 2 or less all get in, and Cersei and Jamie win a lottery against four other pairs whose average was also 2.5 for the last seats in the course.   (The ten pairs whose average was 3 or higher were all eliminated by virtue of there being 8 or more pairs who gave a higher average priority to the course than they did.)  Big Screens is then inserted in the first slot for Jamie and the fourth slot for Cersei in their respective course preference submissions for the main course lottery.  

Please note that if your team is not selected for Big Screens, you do NOT forfeit any picks in the main course lottery so there is no risk to applying should not get into Big Screens.   Remember that BOTH partners must complete the application to be considered for the lottery.  

Entries must be made by Friday, April 8 at 6 p.m.  At that point, we will run the lottery and announce the results by Wednesday, April 13 at the latest so all those who entered can make any necessary adjustments to their Fall 2016 course.