Fall 2017 Big Screens Lottery

Big Screens will be offered to up to 8 pairs of students, 16 students total.  There will be no waiting list for this course so any drops will just decrease the size of the course. 

The deadline to submit applications for the Big Screens Lottery is Wednesday, April 26th at noonBig Screens lottery results will be announced shortly thereafter.

Something Different, Something New
This year we’re trying something new and bringing in students from the Tisch Film and Performing Arts departments to collaborate with us. If your team is interested in collaborating, please check the “We’d like to collaborate!” box on the form. There will be a mixer at the end of this semester for everyone to meet, share ideas and form teams.

How to Apply
Submit an individual entry form. (Both members of the team must apply individually.) Big Screens Lottery Submission Form
On the form you will be asked to:
- Enter your partner’s name.
- Enter your preference priority. (It can be different from your partner’s.)
- Check whether or not as a team, you would like to collaborate with Tisch students outside of ITP.

Your preference priority is both used to prioritize your place in the lottery as well as to determine which pick you will forfeit in the general course lottery if you get into the class. If you don’t get in, there is NO impact on choosing courses.

You will find out if you got into Big Screens well BEFORE the deadline for submitting your preferences for the rest of your courses.

Lottery Process
Your team's preference priority is calculated as an average of you and your partner’s individual preference priorities.
1 point is removed if you checked the collaboration box, which improves your team’s chances of getting into the course.

Teams are rank-ordered by their average preference priority. Teams with lower averages get in ahead of teams with higher averages.

A “lottery” is only run if there are multiple teams with the same preference priority competing for the same spots in the class.

Example Scenario
You and your partner EACH submit an entry form for the Big Screens lottery.

Your preference priority is 1, your partner’s is 4. The average for your team is 2.5. You both check the collaboration box so now your average is 1.5.

There are 7 teams whose average is 1 or less, so they all get in.

You and your partner are then entered into a lottery for the 8th seat against any other teams whose average was also 1.5. Any teams with an average > 1.5 will be automatically eliminated from the lottery.

If you win the lottery and are admitted into the class, you will enter Big Screens in the #1 slot and and your partner will enter it in the #4 slot of your respective course preference submissions.  

Entries must be submitted by Wednesday, April 26th at noon.  At that point, we will run the lottery and announce the results shortly thereafter, so all those who entered can make any necessary adjustments to their Fall 2017 courses.

Implications for the General Lottery
Please remember that you must enter the same preference priority in the Big Screens lottery, in the general lottery, (meaning if you ranked Big Screens as #1 in the Big Screens Lottery, you must enter it in the #1 position in the general lottery).

If you do not get in to Big Screens in the Big Screens lottery, you cannot select it in the general lottery, and must remove it from your list of preferences. Dante will be enforcing these policies.