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FA19 Lottery Registration Info

Advisement for the Fall 2019 term will begin on Monday, April 8th! Please wrap up your advisement meetings with your academic advisers by Friday, April 19th at the latest. Our advisement and registration calendar is included below.

***It is your responsibility to sign-up for an advisement meeting and to mark your course preferences for the Lottery prior to meeting with your adviser.***

Course Offerings:
You can see our course offerings for Fall 2019 by visiting the Forum, or by viewing our official Course Description packet (this is a live link that will continue to be updated - please be cautious of using a downloaded copy, as edits and revisions may come).

Class Dates & Term Deadlines:
Class-specific dates and other important term deadlines for the Fall 2019 semester can be viewed on this page.

Class Schedule (One-Page Term Overview):
To see the class schedule as a one-page term overview, click here. Classroom assignments will also be posted here.

Marking Your Preferences:
The link to mark your preferences is in the left hand column of the Forum labelled "Your Preferences" (see below). You can also click this direct link to your "Your Preferences" page.

Please remember to hit the "Submit Choices" button after making your course selections to save your preferences (see below). You may revise your course preferences at any point - it does not matter when you do this.

What Not to Include in Your List of Preferences:
Internships, or courses from outside departments should not be included in either 1.) your list of preferences or 2.) in the "total credits requested" box for the Lottery.

  • The deadline to submit your preferences for the Fall 2019 ITP Lottery is by 5:00pm EST on Monday, April 22nd.
  • The results of the ITP Lottery will post to Albert on Tuesday, April 23rd.
  • After the results post to Albert, the classes will be opened for open enrollment in Albert. At this time, students may add, drop or swap ITP classes, at-will until the end of the add/drop period on Monday, September 16th, 2019.
Advisement Assignments:
To find out who you are scheduled to meet with for academic advisement, please click here (student names are ordered alphabetically by last name).

Scheduling an Advisement Appointment:
To book an advisement appointment with your advisor, click here.

Registering for Outside Classes:
All ITP students will be able to enroll in classes in outside departments via the Student Center in Albert for the Spring 2019 term, starting on Monday, April 15th at the designated appointment time. For your specific registration time, please check your appointment time in your Student Center, under the header "Enrollment Dates." Please remember you may only take advisor-approvedgraduate-level courses in other departments at NYU.

Please be sure if you add any courses from outside departments, that you reduce the number of units you request in the ITP Lottery by the same amount. You may never have more than 18.0 units on your schedule at a given time. If you self-enroll in any outside courses, and request a full 18.0 units in the ITP Lottery, part of your Lottery Results will not post to your accounts, due to over-enrollment beyond the 18.0 unit limit! Do not do this!

For a full guide on registering for outside classes, along with a recommended list of outside classes for Fall 2019, please view this page.

If you have any questions or concerns about advisement, the Lottery, Fall registration, or any other registration matters, please feel free to reach out to Dante directly and he will be happy to help.