Welcome to ITP! - 1st Year Registration Guide

Albert is a registration tool used university-wide to assist us with the registration process. We realize that it can be a bit complicated, but please do not worry. We have enough class sections to accommodate everyone, so please be assured that you will get all of the classes that you need.

Registration for first-year students opens in Albert on Thursday, August 29th at 11:30am EST.

Please follow the steps below to prepare for registration.

1.) Activate Your NYU NetID

If you have not done so already, you will need to activate your NYU NetID and create a password as shown below. Your NYU NetID consists of your initials followed by numbers, (e.g., abc123) and it is included in your acceptance information.
  • Go to the NYU "Start" page.
  • Enter your NetID, click on the "Start" button and follow the prompts.
  • If you encounter problems, please contact the IT Service Desk at (212) 998-3333.
2.) Get Your NYU ID Card
  • After you have activated your NYU NetID, submit a photo for your NYU ID card online at the following link: https://photoid.nyu.edu/
  • After submitting your photo, you will be sent a notification to pick up your ID Card from the NYU Card Center.
  • The NYU Card Center is located on the ground floor of 7 Washington Place (on the Washington Square Campus), and on the ground floor of 2 MetroTech Center (on the Brooklyn Campus).
3.) Edit Your Personal Information on the ITP Website
4.) Access the Student Tab in NYU Albert
  • Sign in to your NYU Albert account.
  • Your username is your NetID and your password is the one you have created in Step 1. (Please note: your NetID and password are case-sensitive).
  • Click on the Student tab.
5.) Update your Personal Info in Albert
  • Click on the "Personal Info" tab in the left-hand column from within the "Student Tab."
  • You are required to have a current "NYU Emergency Alert" cell phone number and emergency contact to register.
Albert Student Tab Overview:

1.) Sign in to Albert.

2.) Appointment Time
- All incoming ITP students have the same appointment time of Thursday, August 29th at 11:30am EST. Students will be unable to enroll until this time.

3.) Build a Shopping Cart
- The shopping cart allows you to select classes and store them for your designated appointment time. When the date and time of your registration appointment arrives, you will then be able to submit the courses in your shopping cart for enrollment all at once.

- You can click the "Course Search" link to browse available classes at NYU to add to your shopping cart, or you may enter the class number for a particular class if you know it.

- We strongly advise that you create a list of class numbers for any classes that you are interested in taking in the fall (in advance of your registration appointment time). This will save you the time it takes to individually search for each course you would like to add.

Finding ITP's Classes within Albert's Course Search:

You can use the Course Search function to browse the courses for a given semester.

You can find all of ITP's courses listed under the header "Tisch School of the Arts" under "Interactive Telecommunications (ITPG-GT)."

Checking the Class Status (Open/Closed/Wait List):
Classes that are full are in class status: closed. In the shopping cart, closed classes are represented by a blue square: 
Classes that are open are in class status: open. In the shopping cart, open classes are represented by a green circle: 
Classes that are full, but have seats on the waiting list are in class status: wait list. In the shopping cart, wait list available classes are represented by a yellow triangle: 

You can toggle the "Open/Closed/Wait List Classes" filter, to display only classes that are in a designated status.

Class Numbers:

We strongly advise that you create a list of class numbers for any classes that you are interested in taking in the fall (in advance of your registration appointment time). This will save you the time it takes to individually search for each course you would like to add.
  • Class Numbers are the numbers in parenthesis at the end of a course code. 
    • For example, in ITPG-GT 2000 - 001 (7596) <---- "7596" is the Class Number.

ITP Fall 2019 Course Description Packet (PDF):

For official course descriptions, syllabi links (where available), meeting pattern information (day, time, duration and classroom location) for all of ITP's Fall 2019 courses, please review the Fall 2019 Course Description Packet.

**Please refrain from downloading this packet, as it is a "living" document, subject to future edits and revisions as necessary.**

Adding Classes to the Shopping Cart / Enrolling in Classes:

As all incoming students will be registering for classes at the same appointment time, we strongly encourage you to plan out a schedule of classes ahead of the appointment time, with the shopping cart function.

The shopping cart allows you to select classes and store them for your designated appointment time. When the date and time of your registration appointment arrives, you will be able to select all of the courses in your shopping cart and select the Enroll button to enroll in all of your courses in your shopping cart all at once. You will then receive success or error messages for each class, and you can re-attempt to enroll in any backup classes.

Please see below for details regarding the set-up of a shopping cart and enrolling in courses:

1.) Click the "Course Search" link in your shopping cart

2.) Add Classes to your shopping cart by using the "Class Search" or by entering the Class Number.

- Once you select a class, the waitlist option and the field for permission number display.
- Select the "Wait list if class is full" option if you would like to join the waiting list for a class in class status: wait list (yellow triangle): 

3.) Click the "Validate / Enroll / Edit" button (Note: it will only appear if you have classes in your shopping cart)

4.) Select the classes you want to enroll in and click the "Enroll" button.

5.) Review the results (success or errors)

Potential Validation Error Messages:

- Time Conflict: There is a time conflict for class number XXXX and class number XXXX. There is currently a meeting time conflict for two of your shopping cart classes or a shopping cart class and one of your enrolled classes for this term. Use the class numbers to check the meeting times.
- Department Consent: This class requires department consent. You need to obtain a permission number from the department to enroll into this class.
- Instructor Consent: This class requires instructor consent. You need to obtain a permission number from the instructor to enroll into this class.
- Requisite: Enrollment Requisites are not met. This could be in the form of a class restriction and/or prerequisite.
- Maximum Unit Load: Term unit maximum would be exceeded. ITP students are allowed a maximum of 18.0 units per term. The system checks your selected shopping cart entries and your enrolled classes against your term unit limit. This class would exceed your limit.
- Career Exception Rule: Permission to enroll in this class is required. The class falls outside the career of study. Enrollment is not allowed for this class: It is outside the Career of Study. The Add transaction was not processed. Enrollment in this class is not allowed for this academic career.

Validation Warning Messages:
- Hold on Record: Hold on record, Add not processed. There is a hold on this record, preventing the Add from being processed. The hold must be removed to process the add transaction.

Drop a Course:

1.) Under your Enrolled Courses, click the "Drop" button

2.) Select the class(es) to drop

3.) Click the "Drop Selected Classes" button

4.) Confirm the drop and click the "Finish Enrolling" button

5.) Review the results (success or errors)

Set up an Edit Swap for a Waitlisted Course:

There is a very important tab within the Enrolled Courses section of your Student Center which allows you to add (or update) an Edit Swap function for a waitlisted course already on your schedule. **In order to use the EDIT SWAP function, you must already be on a waiting list for a class.**

Keep in mind the following:
  • At ITP, students may not have more than 18.0 units on their schedule at a given time - this is called the term unit limit.
  • Students may not enroll in two courses with a time-overlap.
  • Waitlisted courses do not count toward the 18.0 unit term unit limit.
Therefore, if you are on a waiting list for a course and you are either (1) at (or near) your term unit limit of 18.0 units, or (2) if you have another enrolled course which meets at the same time as your waitlisted course, you need to set up an EDIT SWAP function to ensure you are auto-enrolled into your waitlisted course, should a seat become available in the waitlisted course.

The EDIT SWAP function tells Albert to swap out (drop) an enrolled class from your schedule to make room for a waitlisted course, in the event a seat in the waitlisted course becomes available to you.

Students move from the waiting list into a course automatically when seats in the course become available. If a student has too many units on their schedule, or if they have another course on their schedule which has a time-overlap with the waitlisted course, they will not be automatically enrolled into the course and will remain on the waiting list and the next person in line on the waiting list will get enrollment priority.

Please see the below guide for setting up an edit swap function for a waitlisted course on your schedule:

1.) Under your Enrolled Courses, click the "Edit Swap" button

2.) Select a class from the dropdown menu that you are on a waitlist for

3.) Click the "Submit" button

4.) Review the "Status" field

For more advanced Albert registration tutorials and guides, please visit the Registrar's website here.

Important Notes Regarding Registration:

At ITP, all of our courses are set up with 3-person waiting lists. **Waitlisted students must attend the first class session to remain waitlisted for the course.**
  • If you are unable to attend a waitlisted class due to a time overlap with another enrolled course on your schedule, please email Dante (dante.delgiacco@nyu.edu) and the course instructor so we can be sure you are not removed from the waiting list.
  • If you are on a waiting list for a course at ITP, the system will automatically register you in the class if you are at the top of the waiting list (in position #1) and someone who was registered drops the course, provided (1) you have no time-overlaps with other courses on your schedule and (2) you have enough available units remaining - or (3) if you have correctly set up an edit swap function.
  • Full-time students may enroll in anywhere from 12.0 to 18.0 units per term, which is billed at a flat-fee rate for full-time graduate study at Tisch.
  • You can drop and add classes in Albert until Monday, September 16, 2019, which is the last day of the add/drop period (the period during the first two weeks of the term where students are permitted to adjust their schedules without penalty). After this date, you need to see Dante for approval to make any schedule changes (add/drop/swap).
    • If you drop a course after Monday, September 16, 2019 via the Student Center without seeing Dante, you will receive a “W” grade (for withdrawal) for the course. Although withdrawals appear on your transcript, they do not affect your grade point average (for students who have them).
    • For more information on TSOA academic policies, you can download a copy of the Tisch School of the Arts Policies and Procedures Handbook by clicking on the pdf link on the TSOA Student Affairs website (click here).
  • Graduate Fall Payment is due by Tuesday, September 17, 2019 (the day after the last day of the add/drop period).
  • We recommend that you DO NOT make major changes to your program without consulting your academic advisor. A minimum of 12.0 units (usually 3 full-term courses) is required to maintain your full-time student status. If you drop classes and fall below this limit, you may jeopardize your standing in the program, your financial aid, and your visa status (for international students.)
If you have any problems or questions regarding registration, please contact Dante at 212-998-1881 or email dante.delgiacco@nyu.edu.

Taking Classes Outside of ITP:
  • ITP Students are encouraged to explore NYU's wide-array of course offerings, and to register for courses outside of the department.
    • **Please note that all courses taken outside of ITP must be at the graduate-level and adviser-approved to count toward the degree.**
  • We strongly encourage you to request a Pass/Fail grade for non-ITP courses. For more information on this, please see this page on ITP Help.
  • For a recommended list of outside classes for Fall 2019 that ITP students have taken in previous terms, administrative contacts and procedures for enrolling in courses from departments outside of ITP, along with tips on searching for classes using Albert's Course Search, please see the FA19 Courses Outside of ITP page on ITP Help.