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Full Time Equivalency

Second year students debating the cost of going full-time versus part-time, here is the breakdown:
  • The per credit charge for tuition is $1,766.00 per point.
  • The per credit charges for registration fees are $489.00 for the first credit, and $69.00 for each additional credit.
  • The full-time charge, which kicks in at 12 credits is $28,227.00 for tuition, and $1,286.00 in registration fees.
The charges, not including ITP lab fees and health insurance fees are:
  • Full-time tuition (12-18 credits): $29,513.00
  • Per credit charges for 11 credits (Thesis + 7 credits): $20,605.00
  • Per credit charges for 10 credits (Thesis + 6 credits): $18,770.00
  • Per credit charges for 9 credits (Thesis + 5 credits): $16,935.00
  • Per credit charges for 8 credits (Thesis + 4 credits): $15,100.00
  • Per credit charges for 7 credits (Thesis + 3 credits): $13,265.00
  • Per credit charges for 6 credits (Thesis + 2 credits): $11,430.00
  • Per credit charges for 5 credits (Thesis + 1 credit): $9,595.00
  • Per credit charges for 4 credits (Thesis only): $7,760.00
Official NYU listing of Tuition and Fees Rates:

So if you need 8 credits to graduate and you decide to take an extra four-point course that decision will cost you an additional $14,413.13.

Remember that if you are a second-year planning on going part-time to save money in the Spring, you must not request more than 7 credits in the lottery as you will already be receiving 4 credits from Thesis.

If you are planning on going part-time and you are receiving financial aid, have loans, or are an international student on a visa that requires you to be full-time, you will need to complete a Full-Time Equivalency form and return it to Dante by December 16th, 2017. You can download the form via the link below:

(FYI, you only need to fill out the 2nd box on the form - not the 1st. Dante will sign for the Department Adviser and he will have Dan O. sign for the Department Chair - please do not bother either Dan O. or your academic adviser for signatures!).

Full-Time Equivalency and Scholarships:
If you have an ITP Scholarship and are enrolled in less than 12.0 units, you MUST submit a FTE form.

Please consult the Office of Financial Aid at 212-998-4444 for more information if you have any concerns about how going part-time, with full-time equivalency status in your final semester will affect your financial aid package.

First-years, take note that if you are planning on going part-time next Spring, you want to take 18 credits in at least one semester as taking 16, 16, and 16 credits in your first three semesters will leave you with 12 credits to take in your final semester, and that is where the full-time charge kicks in.