Updating Your Name in Albert (and Your Diploma Name)

1.) Your name, as it is listed in Albert, is printed on your diploma.

2.) You can elect to have your "preferred" name printed on your diploma by updating your diploma options which is housed within the Student Center, under the "Academics" tab, under the "Graduation" header (see my screenshot below):

3.) You must have already applied for graduation to be able to update your Diploma Options. If you need to switch your diploma name to a preferred name, you must first add a preferred name to your Albert account.

4.) To add a preferred name, go to the Student Center, and click on the "Personal Info" tab, and click "Edit Preferred Name" (see my screenshot below):

5.) Now you can add a preferred name. Remember to hit "save" (see my screenshot below):

6.) Now that you've added in a preferred name, you can go back to the "Academics" tab, and select the "Diploma Options" link, and there is now an option to use your preferred name as your diploma name (see screenshot below):

7.) Remember to confirm that the information is correct at the bottom of the page and hit "Save."

Now you're all set!

If you have any questions about updating your name in Albert and/or for your diplomas, please email Dante at dpd266@nyu.edu or come see him in the back for in-person help.

FYI - if you want to update your name on the ITP internal class lists / Lottery page / etc., please visit the ITP Directory and update your information. If you want to modify your name for your NYU email, see this page.