Pass/Fail Grades for Non-ITP Courses

Registering for Courses Outside of ITP

ITP Students are encouraged to explore NYU's wide-array of course offerings, and to register for courses outside of the department. Typically students will register for up to 8.0 units of courses outside of the department over the two years of study, but students are allowed to exceed this recommended guideline - given they have received adviser approval confirming the academic relatedness of the courses to the student's program of study at ITP.

Requesting a Pass/Fail Grade for a Non-ITP Course

Effective in Fall 2017, ITP students should fill out a Pass/Fail Request Form (click here, or link below) at the start of the term in which the student is taking the non-ITP course. The signed form must be submitted to Dante via email ( within the first five weeks of the term during fall and spring terms, and within the first two weeks during the summer term.

How the Pass/Fail Option Works

If a student receives a grade of A, B, C, or D in the non-ITP course, that grade will be converted to a P - Pass grade. If a student receives an F, the grade will remain as an F - Fail grade. The course instructor does not need to be notified that a pass/fail option form was submitted, nor do they need to do anything with the form. The form is completed jointly by the student and Dante and submitted to Tisch Student Affairs for processing.

Request for Pass/Fail Grade Form: