Apply for Graduation & Diploma Mailing

Dear 2nd Years & Graduating Part-Time Students,

Please apply for graduation in Albert (this is required for all students at NYU). The deadline to apply for Spring 2018 graduation is Sunday, February 3rd! Luckily, applying for graduation is very simple and only requires a few steps - please follow my instructions below.

If you have questions about applying for graduation, or if you miss the Feb. 3rd deadline, you can write directly to for assistance.

1. How to Apply for Graduation:

1.) Sign in to Albert, and go to the "STUDENT" tab.

2.) From the "STUDENT" tab, click on the "Academics" icon in the left-hand column:

3.) Click on the "Apply to Graduate" button under the "Graduation" box:

4.) Select your program (this will say Interactive Telecommunications Program):

5.) Select "Spring 2019" from the dropdown menu as your graduation term and click "CONTINUE":

6.) Follow the rest of the prompts, and you will have successfully applied for graduation!

7.) After applying for graduation, you can check on your Graduation Status from the "Academics" tab, in the "Graduation"box, by clicking the link titled "View My Graduation Status":

2. Diploma Mailing:

Diplomas are mailed to the student's permanent address in Albert. The graduation office asks students to verify or update their address on Albert within two weeks of the graduation date. The diploma will be mailed about eight weeks after the degree has been awarded. Degrees are awarded after academic requirements have been met, including the posting of all grades and transfer credits.

If you go to Albert, you can go to "Personal Info" on the left hand side (see screenshot below) to update your address: