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Floor Hours

Fall 2019 

Hours of Operation


ER 9AM - 11PM
Shop 9AM - 11PM


ER 10AM - 10PM
SHOP 10AM - 10PM

Room Reservation Policies

Classrooms: classrooms are bookable, but only for large or consistent club/workshop meetings. We do not "own" the classrooms and other departments often hold classes in there. If you wish to inquire about an official booking in one of the classrooms, come see Anna at the front.

Conference Room: the one room we do "own" is the conference room, and it's bookable for most meetings. You can submit a room request form here. 

Huddle Rooms: huddle rooms (also known as phone booths) are not reservable by students. Faculty have priority over the use of the space; students are allowed to use the rooms, but must vacate if needed to by a faculty member. Students are not permitted to store or leave anything behind in the huddle rooms. 

General Guidelines for ITP/IMA Space Use and Access (effective 9/20/19)

We hope that everyone is enjoying the new ITP/IMA space!  

First, thanks to everyone for your continuing good humor as we work to resolve all the glitches, big and small, that bedevil any new construction project.

As we all get used to the new space, and figure out what is what, here are some general pointers that might come in handy. 

The Layout

The lion’s share of the floor is available for student use.  Go for it!

Here are some spaces that can be thought of as rather more private work areas:

Full-time Faculty Studios 420 (North Studio) and 460 (South Studio) -- these spaces are faculty offices -- by all means if you have an appointment with a faculty member or want to drop in and see a faculty member, you can of course enter these spaces.  But these are NOT spaces for general use -- or hanging out -- or passing through to get from point A to point B.

“Phone Booth / Huddle Room” spaces 421 and 422, just outside of the North Faculty Studio (420) -- these rooms are for faculty use only. Students, please do not occupy these spaces.

Admin Work Area (the niche outside of the tech offices 431 and 433) -- this is, as noted, a work area -- of course we expect and look forward to your visits as you come to us with questions, suggestions, etc. -- we ask that you try and keep conversations on the low key side, particularly if you are hanging out at the copy machine, or waiting to see Dante, for example.

Resident Work Area (Room 426) -- this space is the private work area of the Resident Researchers -- you can and should go there to meet with them -- but it isn’t a place to hang around in while you do your own work.

In-Between Private and Public:

These spaces are “in between” -- you can use them at times, but they are meant primarily for faculty:

Adjunct Work Space (niche outside of South Studio, 460), next to the Conference Room.  We’d like our adjunct faculty to have first priority to use this space -- please be thoughtful about how you use it and when.

Now some places that are available to all, and some even bookable, but for which faculty and staff have priority:

All “Phone Booth / Huddle Room” are bookable by faculty and staff only, but students are allowed to use them in between booked meetings. 

The Conference Room (450) -- as noted above, book it as needed, we will try VERY HARD never to bounce anyone.

Nine times out of ten, if you are in one of these spaces you won’t be disturbed -- just mentioning that it could happen.

We are pleased to provide all enrolled ITP and IMA students with access to the 4th floor 7 days a week from 8 am to Midnight.

You may stay on after midnight if you wish -- you won’t be kicked out -- however if for any reason you leave the building after 12:00 midnight, you will not be allowed back inside.  So, once again -- you can stay on after 12 pm if you so choose -- but if you leave for any reason -- to pick up food, to see a friend, to get a coffee -- that is it, there is no getting back onto the floor that night.

Please be advised -- while we are pleased to offer you the option of staying here all night, WE DO NOT RECOMMEND IT.  In our experience, work never gets better at 2, 3, 4 in the morning. You will be healthier and more productive if you go home, rest, shower and come back the next day refreshed.  Just saying...

A note on food deliveries:  the building-wide policy on food delivery is that delivery people are not permitted in the building, period.  If you order food to be delivered, be sure they have your mobile number -- you will have to go to the ground floor lobby and get your food there.  If the delivery person cannot reach you they will be turned away. Sorry, there are no exceptions to this policy.

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